DYHSAC works in cooperation with the WA Education Department, the Shire of Mundaring and the Midvale Hub to operate multi-disciplinary school based outreach at Middle Swan Primary School and Clayton View Primary School to target school readiness, attendance and retention as well as family based approaches to improved health and family functioning.

The role of DYHSAC is to provide heath treatments and interventions as well as implementing health related preventative strategies. This program applies an evidence based approach to cross sector collaboration and family based approaches to childhood, schooling and family issues. The DYHSAC outreach team provide services to the school community as well as to families and the wider community in the Midland area. The outreach team provided 564 clinical interventions for Middle Swan Primary School and 471 clinical interventions for Clayton View Primary School during school terms in 2017-18, as well as participating in open days and health promotion days at the schools. There is a Nurse Practitioner available at Middle Swan Primary School on Mondays and Clayton View Primary School on Wednesdays from 8:30am to 2:30pm. Services provided by the team include immunisations, specialist referrals, prescriptions, injury management,
women’s health and chronic disease management.

Our outreach programs include:

Marmun Pit Stop

Marmun Pit Stop is a men’s health program that encourages Aboriginal men in the community to participate in having regular health checks. The program was devised around the analogy of a car, as men have a keen interest in taking care of their cars, yet overlook taking care of their bodies and overall health and wellbeing.

Daisy Petals

The Daisy Petals Program aims to engage women in a relaxed, friendly and culturally sensitive environment to guide and support Aboriginal women to access programs and seek services that are relevant to their
health needs. The program includes a number of assessments,
which include:

• Weight and height
• Blood pressure
• Smoking
• Alcohol and other drugs
• Social and emotional well-being
• Physical activity
• Sexual health
• Breast screening
• Pap smear

The program works in parallel to Marmun men’s health program at various health days and events throughout the year.

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