Dental Health

Please note:

Due to high demand, dental services are limited to regular clients of Derbarl (defined as those who access Derbarl GP clinics as their main health care provider, and have used the service at least three times in two years, or have their annual health checks done here), aged 13 years and above. Non-Aboriginal partners are not eligible to use the Dental Service. Clients aged 13-17 must be accompanied by an adult to give consent for dental treatment.

Derbarl Yerrigan has for a number of years provided a free dental service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Dental clinic at DYHSAC East Perth clinic strives to provide high quality dental treatment in a safe and culturally appropriate environment. We believe in provision of holistic and ethical dentistry.  In case we are not able to provide the required treatment, referrals are made to appropriate specialist/specialist services.

Priority is given to clients presenting to reception in the morning with severe pain/facial swelling/injury to teeth or surrounding tissue. In case a dentist is not available, the client has the option to be seen by the doctors for pain relief or referral to an emergency department.


Morning appointments are walk-in only, while appointments can be arranged for afternoon clinics. Senior citizens, people with disabilities, and clients with carers or severe debilitating disease are given booked appointments whenever possible.

All attempts will be made to see emergency presentations on the day.

Services Provided

•    Check-ups including oral health assessment and x-rays.

•    Cleaning and scaling.

•    Restorations (filling) both metallic and tooth coloured.

•    Extractions.

•    Root canal therapy.

•    Dentures – The first set of Acrylic (plastic) dentures is provided free of cost to HCC/Pension card holders. If they want a Chrome (metal) or Valplast (flexi) denture, the client is required to pay the gap in the price. Non concession card holders must cover the full costs of lab fees. If the client breaks or loses the denture, they are responsible for the cost of the next set or repairs. The second set can only be made free after use of five years if they have looked after the first set and the dentist thinks that the client needs a new one.

•    Occlusal splints – Concession card holders get free of cost. Non-concession card holder must cover the full costs of lab fees.

•    Mouth guards – Custom mouth guards are provided free of cost to children, and adults who hold a concession card. Non concession card holders must pay full lab fees, which vary depending on type and colours chosen.

•    Crown and Bridge work – Clients are responsible for the full cost of lab fees.

Hours of Operation

9:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Friday

Closed all public holidays.


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