Child/Maternal Health

The Maternal and Child Health Program aims to improve the health of women before they become pregnant by increasing awareness of the importance of folate in the diet and decreasing the use of alcohol, tobacco and other substances.

The program also aims to increase immunisation rates for measles, mumps and rubella before women become pregnant.

During pregnancy the program can assist to improve the health outcomes for mums and babies by providing education for parents and supporting women for antenatal appointments, referrals and health check-ups.

The program provides women and their families more choices of where to have antenatal care and delivery, and where to access child health check-ups.

The program objectives are to improve health outcomes for all children – in particular, children ages 0-5 years. The program intends to support families by providing home visits when needed and increasing the number of child health visits.

The program has Aboriginal health workers and child health nurse/midwife at each site.

Healthy life cycle

1. Health Pregnancy

Improved antenatal and postnatal support and education.

2. Healthy Baby and Child

Child Health check-ups and Immunisations.

3. Healthy Adult

Healthy lifestyle choices, improved choices and family involvement.


What Healthy Life means to me

  • Improved antenatal and postnatal care, support and education
  • Improved child health check-ups and immunisations
  • Improved support for families to attend appointments
  • Improved choices for families
  • Having my family involved

Areas that Healthy for Life covers

  • Pre-pregnancy including sexual health, pap smears
  • Antenatal
  • Postnatal
  • Parent Education
  • Child health 0-5 yeras
  • Health Promootion

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